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Hammock Hotel or Dock Hammock for interior or outdoor

Feelnets is a creator of hammock for hotels (custom-made), cottages or lodges. Tailor-made nets, adapted to your establishment. Our nets can be placed in a vacuum inside your establishment or in a frame on a terrace, balcony, pool or garden.

Mesh 13×13 White

Mesh 13×13 White

Mesh 30×30 Grey

This new atypical space will offer your customers a new and original space, for moments of relaxation and relaxation. Our hammock nets combine technicality, aesthetics and comfort.
Feelnets makes your hammock hotel to measure, stretched horizontally, it will dress an empty space. Discreet, it will blend into the landscape, while offering a new asset in terms of comfort and service to your customers.
The structure to accommodate the hammock can be made of steel, wood or concrete.
All our nets are anti-UV treated for better resistance over time and to reverberation above the sea, lagoons, lakes or swimming pools. Several meshes and colours are available depending on the use you wish to make of them.
Our hotel net fabrics are knotless for maximum comfort, the borders are made with 8 or 10mm overcast polyester rope for a better finish of the product.
The PVC materials we use for custom-made canvases are Precontraint 492, 392 or 362 from Serge Ferrari. The edges are welded and sewn with either eyelets or sheaths for the passage of a rush.
The tensioning rope we propose for tensioning is made of polyester. Boat halyard.
Feel free to test our products anywhere in the world Maldives, Polynesia, Seychelles, New Caledonia or Thailand.

Our team of professionals is at your disposal to advise you in the choice of the ideal hotel net for your project.

Mesh 30×30 Black

Netting hammock and dock hammock for hotels around the world


Feelnets, the specialist in custom-made hammock nets for hotels worldwide, is proud of its new partnership with MUSKOKA DOCK HAMMOCKS in Canada.

MUSKOKA DOCK HAMMOCKS is a specialist in overwater structures combined with a hammock net. This platform provides an absolutely pleasant and comfortable surface above the water. On hot days, the softness of the water cools you through the mesh. This atypical space is made to measure. We have combined our constraints to ensure that the product meets the specifications. Water Reverberation, UV, temperature, customer traffic.

Feel safe, Feelnets.

Hotel Temple Point Resort (Kenya)

A beautiful hotel equipped with Feelnets to watch the beautiful sunset over the water.
The material is UV resistant, sea water resistant and can support 4-5 people per hammock net for this busy resort.
The hammock nets are installed on the edge of the hotel, on the bar side. They are fixed on three sides and the last one on the sea side is connected to a tensioning rope.

Atmosphere-Kanifushi Hotel in the Maldives

Feelnets is proud to have been selected as the partner and supplier for the prestigious Atmosphere-Kanifushi Hotel in the Maldives.
This beautiful hotel consists of 80 bungalows located above the lagoon. The custom-made hammock nets for the hotel are placed outside the bungalows to offer a place to relax in the sun while admiring the transparent sea and the fish.The material selected is perfectly suited to meet the demanding requirements of the hotel.

Hotel in Austria

Very nice hotel on the edge of a lake in a sumptuous setting. They entrusted us with the realization of the hammock nets above the lake. Creation of a zen and relaxation area to enjoy the landscape and the tranquillity of the lake.
White 13x13mm hammock net. Very comfortable hammock net.

Hotel in Cambodia

Feelnets is the world’s leading supplier of custom-made hammock nets for hotels.
This beautiful hotel in Cambodia trusted us to make the hammock nets for the beautiful pontoon that runs in front of the hotel. Our hammock nets provide a new relaxation area for the hotel guests near the water.
Grey polyester hammock net plus 30x30mm mesh, made to measure for the hotel. Delivery in Cambodia.

Hilton Bora Bora Hotel (French Polynesia)

Feelnets has been a partner of the Hilton Bora Bora since 2018, making custom-made hammock nets for all the bungalows in the hotel.
Very beautiful hotel located in the Lagoon, we had to meet the very precise specifications required by the hotel.
The hammock nets had to be UV resistant, reverberation resistant, salt resistant and offer maximum comfort.





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