Feelnets ,specialist of interior hammoks floor, presents some recent achievements

Rectangular loft net between two bay windows.

Creation of a new relaxation area in the house
13x13mm white polyester mesh
Simple lacing with 8mm white rope.
Extremely resistant, it offers an atypical and
comfortable place

CATAMARAN net above the living room.

Mesh of 30x30mm white polyester to offer a good passage of light.

The mezzanine net is fixed with 8*80mm studs placed every 150mm all around. The lacing is a tension rope of 10mm white.

The advantage of polyester is the softness to the touch, this material does not become rough in time.creation of a new space for reading and relaxation.

Rectangular interior net in a wooden framework

The net is stretched in a vacuum to create a new space for children.

With a resistance of over 200kg/m², the custom-made polyester net is extremely comfortable. The 30x30mm braided mesh is the ideal size to avoid the passage of small objects.

The nets can be fixed in wooden beams, IPN, concrete or other hard surfaces. The nets can be fixed in wooden beams, IPN, concrete or other hard surfaces, but they cannot be placed in plasterboard or other surfaces that do not hold the load.

Custom-made net between two windows

Feelnets offers polyester netting in white or black.

It is possible to take a white net and the tension rope in black as in the photo.

To install the net, add a wooden frame to apply the net. In this case the customer has installed the net with a double lacing, recommended for young children.

House net

Installation of a custom hanging net on the first floor.

30x30mm white braided mesh with double lacing.

Very good passage of light, creation of a new atypical and zen room in the house. The interior net is easy to install and will delight the whole family.

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