Feelnets ,specialist of interior hammoks floor, presents some recent achievements

Mezzanine net, suspended net and polyester net.

The hammock net was used to create a light and airy space. It was installed on a wooden frame. The fixings chosen were 8 x 80 mm pitons placed every 150 mm all round to distribute the load and tension evenly. The hammock net is polyester, 30x30mm mesh in white and knotless for maximum comfort. The 30x30mm mesh is the right compromise between light passage and comfort. If you have a skylight, window or bay window, we recommend this mesh. The hammock net can support up to 6 adults.

Rope balustrade and mezzanine hammock net

Protect your staircase with a rope balustrade. Here we use 10mm beige polyester rope. The rope is placed in a coil between the 8 x 80 mm anchors (suitable for wood and concrete). IPN drilled opposite the pitons to obtain a straight railing. The guardrail is tensioned by the cable clamp.
Installation of a suspended hammock net or mezzanine in beige polyester net, mesh size 30x30mm, which is an excellent compromise between light passage and comfort.
Installed using eyebolts placed in the IPNs and tensioned around the hammock net using 10mm beige polyester rope. Mezzanine hammock nets are EN1263-1 standardised and resist over 210kg/m². Suspended hammock nets are made to measure to suit your space requirements.

Hammock net railings

Manufacture and installation of two hammock nets in a child’s bedroom.
EN 1263-1 standard hammock net, knot-free polyester material.
Installed on a metal structure with shackles to tension the two hammock nets so that they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
A border has been added to form the corner of the guardrail, made to measure.
Our hammock nets for mezzanines or railings are very strong and suitable for adults and children. Safety hammock net.

Mezzanine hammock net, relaxation area

Made-to-measure hammock net for a new space to relax, read a book or watch television.
The hammock net doesn’t need to be fixed in place; a tubular frame has been placed all the way round so that the tensioning rope (polyester rope) can be passed directly around it.
This solution is equally suitable for wood and metal structures. It’s a simpler solution for setting up your own hammock net and it’s more streamlined.
30x30mm polyester mesh hammock net with no knots for maximum comfort.
The 30x30mm mesh is suitable for adults and young children.

Hammock net and rope balustrade.

The mezzanine was covered with a suspended hammock net to create a comfortable, light-filled space. The mesh chosen is polyester with a 30x30mm spacing. This material is ideal for adults and children alike to relax on the hammock net.
Create a new space in your home with the hammock net.
The interior hammock net is tensioned to accommodate several people at the same time, while maintaining the same tension for everyone.
Railing made from 10mm polyester rope to protect against falls down the stairs from the hammock net. The rope is snaked between the bridges on plates placed at regular intervals to give an attractive design.

Mezzanine hammock net

Made-to-measure hammock net for a mezzanine.
Very high resistance polyester hammock net, offering a bright and pleasant new space for relaxing and admiring the view.
An indoor hammock floor with a 30x30mm mesh that is a good compromise between light passage and comfort. This mesh is suitable for both young children and adults.
Reading corner hammock net.
Your mezzanine will no longer be a hole but a convivial space for all the family.

Giant House Hammock

An indoor house net provides the opportunity to create an amazing playground for your children and their friends (as we mentioned in this article). The giant hammock is a place to read, watch a movie, chat, or play. It’s also a safe place that you can easily keep an eye on.

Mezzanine net by the window

In Coquitlam, Canada, Feelnets delivered a mezzanine net by a window with a river view. It adds the final touch to a very cosy room. You can feel the warmth of the place, enhanced by the wood frame. As you can see, this white mesh net perfectly fits as an extra room.


The mezzanine net is a bit like a giant hammock inside your house. As we explained in this article, it pleases the grown-ups a lot, but even more the children. They can use it as a playroom, a resting place, or even a reading spot, and keep in touch with family life.


A custom-made service is one of the many advantages you’ll get when using a true expert in house nets. Feelnets has no ready made mezzanine designs, our bespoke products will be built to perfectly match your needs, fitting exactly in your space, whether it’s a square, a rectangle or a triangle.


The more light gets into the house, the better a family feels. A mezzanine net can help to bring more light into a room.
By hanging a mezzanine net by a bay window, you will be able to maximise the daylight coming into your house.


House nets must be hung on very tough structures, wood or steel beams, or even concrete. It’s also possible to hang them on metal frames, like in this example. Running along a black metal railing, a metal frame has been laid on a wooden floor. The white net adds a stylish look.


A custom-made house net is a true style asset. On an existing wooden mezzanine, setting up a net will bring more light, offer a unique view on the room below and create a very cosy spot. Placed along these magnificent stone walls they complement the architecture.


The mezzanine net is very easy to set up, and can be used with a variety of materials. Here, our client wished to create a mezzanine in a room that had wooden beams. Relying on this existing, tough structure, we placed steel screws (that you will find in our own range of fixing solutions) into which we passed the lacing that supports a custom-made net. Thus, a brand new room was created, using the “empty” space under the roof.


From any point of view, your house hung net is a valuable asset, bringing style and light inside your home. More than just a useful and comfortable additional room, it’s also very stylish. It will also bring more natural light to the other rooms in your house.


It’s possible to create an indoor mezzanine with a hung net over an empty space, but it can also complement a wooden mezzanine, with comfort and style. In this example, a hung net has been inserted into an existing mezzanine, turning it into a unique and comfortable playroom.


The indoor house net is perfect to create a mezzanine in a very small room, offering a concrete space gain. It’s a new room in this cute tiny house. The mezzanine replaces a corridor that would have been useless, and lets all the light into the house.


One of the main desires when you set up a house net is to create a relaxing space. Being cosy, fun and comfortable altogether, it’s a top spot to read, have fun or even focus… Here Feelnets chose a white house net, with a 30 x 30 mm (0,4 x 0,4 inch) mesh and a red double laced straining rope.
It’s a new space in the house where you can relax, read or rest, if you are a human or a cat!


Setting up a house net in your home is the best way to create an extra room, as a mezzanine with several purposes. Among the most appreciated features comes the cinema room. If you set up a video projector, you will be able to watch all your movies and shows in the cosiest place of the house.


It’s just as possible to set up a vertical net as a horizontal net. Here, a horizontal net has been installed to create an extra mezzanine, a sleeping place above a stairway. And to secure the whole thing, a vertical custom-made net has been added.


Setting up a net as a railing offers a triple advantage. A net brings maximum safety to a walkway, a corridor, a stairway or a room. It’s a beautiful piece of craftmanship, which It lets through the light.


Space gain is one of the best assets of the indoor house net. By removing the floor under a roof slope and replacing it with a custom house net, you can add a bedroom or a playroom. It’s easy to have a new room!


What can you do when you have an empty space in a room, too small to put up a bed or a desk?
By removing part of the flooring under the roof and setting up a custom-made house net, you can gain a lot of light, and a very cosy place to relax. What’s better than reading a book, looking through the bay window, nestling in a giant hammock?


With the decision to set up a house net in your home, comes the ability to freely choose its size and location. House nets are custom-made and fit any available space inside your home. For example here, a mezzanine has been created from scratch with a white house net on a wooden framework. This changes an empty place into a cost place.


Feelnets indoor nets are custom-made and this means that they are adaptable. As you can see in the pictures of this set-up in progress, our indoor house nets (a white mesh here), are manufactured following the precise measurements of the framework that will support them (wood or metal).
The shape of your house net is entirely custom-made.


People choose white rope typically when they create their house net, but other colours are available. Picking a coloured rope can bring life to your room.
You can choose from Feelnets coloured ropes: red, black, grey, and more…
Here, our customer chose an inclined indoor net, a black 30 x 30 mm (0,39 x 0,39 inch) mesh, and a red lacing rope. Secured with a rope railing on the side, the house net helped to create a unique and inclined relaxing space.


Creating an additional space in your home can add a sense of luxury. Fortunately, it can be a very affordable luxury thanks to the mezzanine house net. Here, a wooden framework has been set up to support a mezzanine net, with a 30 x 30 mm (0,39 x 0,39 inch) mesh. The new cosy space has been given a custom light design to create several atmospheres.


No safety or durability issue with a Feelnets house net: it’s a proper catamaran inside your house!
Like here, to create a mezzanine relaxing spot Feelnets used a 30 x 30 mm (0,39 x 0,39 inch) white polyester mesh to maximize the light inside the room. The net is set with 8 x 80 mm (0,3 x 3 inches) screws paced every 150 mm (5,9 inches) around the edge and the lacing is a 10 mm white rope.


Bay windows provide a great source of light for your house. By setting up, like here, an indoor net between two bay windows you can make the most of th light in your house.
Here Feelnets picked a 13 x 13 mm (0,51 x 0,51 inch) white polyester mesh, with an 8 mm (0,3 inch) simple lacing rope. It’s an unusual and long-lasting place to relax.


When you design an indoor house net, it’s possible to hang your net in a wooden frame, which is a very warm material.
In this picture, Feelnets picked a 30 x 30 mm (0,39 x 0,39 inch) mesh to build a playroom over an empty space.
Hung nets can be set in wooden frames, but they also can be used with steel, concrete or any other hard material. They can’t be hung in plaster or any other material that will not support weight or tension.


There are many options when you set up a house net. Any empty space in your house can become a mezzanine, like here, between two windows.
The mesh mezzanine maximises the light that comes in and makes the most of these two sources of light. Also, you can pick a net with a black lacing rope in Feelnets range of mezzanines.
You can see that this mezzanine is set with a double lacing rope, highly recommended when there are young children in the family.


In a house, some spaces can appear “useless”, too small to be a room for example. The indoor house net can turn any empty space into a source of light, a playroom, or a cosy place to rest.
In this example, we hung a custom net on the first floor of a house. It’s a square design, made of 30 x 30 mm (0,39 x 0,39 inch) white mesh with a double lacing.

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