Feelnets the specialist in nets for professionals and public worksites. 

Hamburg Theatre Neue Schauspielhaus GmbH

The famous Hamburg Theatre entrusted Feelnets with the production of all the hammock nets for the play.
A metal structure was set up with spaces for the hammock nets. All the hammock nets are custom made and are all different.
The actors perform tricks, walk and jump on the different hammock nets.
The hammock nets are fireproofed and approved for public use.

Public procurement achievements

Paris sewage by Feelnets: More than 5600m² of hammock nets, more than 2000 pitons and more than 600 meters of rope!

Hammock nets for industry

Feelnets was selected by this company who had a need for specially shaped hammock nets to catch objects dropped by machines. The hammock net catches the object as it slides into a box.
The hammock nets had to meet precise specifications including strength, lightness, mesh size and M1 fire rated nets.
They were made to order.

Anti-fall net

Feelnets’ hammock nets can also be used as fall protection nets. Here we have installed over 1000m² of hammock net in an office space in Lille. The hammock net is fire rated M1 and can be used in public areas such as theatres, concert halls, playgrounds and event venues.





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