Feelnets, the specialist in custom-made hammock nets for all types of projects, presents some of its recent achievements.

Hammock net over a pool.

Installation of an outdoor hammock net over a pool.

The hammock net is fixed to the structure using 8 x 80 mm hooks.

The hammock net is made from beige polyester. The tensioning rope is also made from beige polyester, 10mm in diameter, and is laced between the net and the fixings to tension the net.

The hammock net is made to measure to fit the shape requested by the customer. A hammock net with several cut-outs to adapt to the space, taking into account the four curves.

Treated to resist UV rays and weighing over 200kg/m², the hammock net was the ideal solution for protecting the pool from falling animals, leaves or people.

Exhibition hammock net for Heineken

Heineken has put its trust in its partner and Feelnets to make the hammock nets for their demountable stand. The stand will be visible in many of France’s major cities and will be used to welcome festival-goers so they can relax while enjoying the concert. This is a high-traffic area where the hammock nets will be in great demand. Our outdoor hammock nets are robust and comfortable for adults and children. Four large polyester hammock nets on either side of the stand, suspended and stretched to accommodate people. The hammock net material is comfortable to lie or sit on.

Made-to-measure hammock nets for LVMH

Feelnets was selected to make the made-to-measure hammock nets for the LVMH stand.
Selection of the mesh and colour for the spaces ready to receive the hammock nets.
We offer a wide range of hammock nets for both indoor and outdoor events. Custom-made hammock nets adapted to your needs.
Production of LVMH nets for high signage next to the logo as well as safety barriers and the net for the goal.
Feel safe, Feelnets

made-to-measure hammock nets for a museum

L’Ecole du vent in Saint Clémence has selected Feelnets to make the custom-made hammock net for a new attraction in the museum.
Come and discover the winds, whether they are from the Mezenc or from the other side of the world, let yourself be carried away in the universe of the People of the Wind. Interactive museum on the themes of wind and flight.
Feelnets, creator of made-to-measure hammock nets.

Customised hammock nets for shops

Feelnets has been selected by the greengrocer for the production of grey hammock nets for fruit and vegetables.
The hammock nets are made to measure and come in different shapes and sizes to fit the wooden structure, which was designed by a carpenter.
Round hammock nets, rectangular hammock nets with a reverse side for the passage of a rush.
Very nice realization.
Polyester hammock net 30x30mm grey. Braided mesh and treated against UV.

Hammock net Decoration Chair XXL

The hammock nets are very aesthetic and can be used as decorative objects only. Here, for example, Fellnets made a large custom-made hammock net for a giant decorative chair in the showroom of a department store.
A “wow” effect is guaranteed!

Climbing net in Norway

Installation of a custom-made hammock net in a sports hall in Norway.
The hammock net is made of 30x30mm white polyester mesh, which offers a very good compromise between light passage and comfort. The hammock net is used to cushion the fall and to accommodate people.
It is also used to relax after exercise.
The mesh is very resistant, more than 200kg/m², we also use it to equip hotels and multihulls in the world.

Canoe Kayak Goal Net

Feelnets hammock nets can also be used outdoors. For example, for hammock nets for various team sports. Feelnets is a partner of the Union Sportive de Vern sur Seiche Canoe Kayak and has made hammock nets for kayak polo games.

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