Feelnets specialist in custom-made netting presents the available bindings.

Feelnets offers several suitable fasteners for house nets in horizontal position or for nets as guardrails, vertical position.
In order to achieve a good load and tension distribution over the entire surface, fasteners should be placed every 150mm.
Depending on your walls, you can choose between hooks or bridges on plates.
If you are in an IPN, you have 3 possibilities:
The first one drill holes every 150mm and polish well for the pitch that the hole can damage the tension rope.
The second, you drill holes every 150mm and you place lifting rings with a nut or you weld them.
The third one is to weld a metal bar inside the IPN and pass the rope around it.
This last solution avoids the need to fix the rope every 150mm.

Piton 8*80mm in galvanized steel (to be placed every 150mm all around)

Characteristic :

Material galvanized stee
Resistance 80kg
Weight of the piton 10gr
Diameter 8mm
Length of threaded rod 50mm
Overall length 120mm
Eyelet diameter 25mm

In which wall are the studs adapted :
Wood (provide pre-drilling and screwing
Concrete (provide for concrete anchors)
Brick (provide chemical seal)
Stone (provide chemical seal)

Use :

  • Internal thread
  • External thread
  • Hotel net
  • Custom made net

Trigger guard on plate (to be placed every 150mm all around the circumference)

Dimensions :

A1 = 40 mm
A2 = 22 mm
H = 26 mm
H1 = 17 mm
W = 16 mm
D = 6 mm
D1 = 4.5mm

Characteristic :

Material Stainless steel
Available with or without the 4*50mm stainless steel screws
Resistance 80kg
Fastening with two screws

In which wall are the studs adapted ?

Concrete (provide for concrete anchors)

Use :

  • House net
  • Railing net
  • Mezzanine net
  • External thread
  • Hotel net

Straight hexagonal stainless steel shackle

The right shackle is used to make the junction between the tensioning rope and the luff tape (edge of the net).
Thus the tensioning is facilitated by the sliding of the rope in the shackle.
One shackle must be placed per fastening.

Dimensions :

D = 6m
A = 12mm
L = 22mm

Use :

  • House net
  • External thread
  • Railing net
  • Custom made net
  • Hotel net

Dowels for 8x80mm and 12x120mm pitons

Concrete dowels suitable for 8*80mm and 12x120mm studs.
If you have concrete walls for the installation of your custom net, you must install dowels.
For the 8*80mm studs you need to use the 56mm plugs.
Drill a 10mm hole in the concrete to place the dowel.
For 12x120mm studs choose 14*70mm plugs.
Drill a 14mm hole in the concrete to place the dowel.
Bimaterial quality dowel which offers a better performance in solid or hollow materials, it adapts to different supports.

Piton 12x120mm

Do you have a bulkhead you have to go through to get to the hard wall behind it? Or a BA13 to go through to fix you in the hard?
Feelnets offers 12x120mm closed eye bolts.
The length of the threaded rod is 65mm and the length of the bolt is 170mm.
For the installation of your mezzanine thread, the fasteners must be placed every 150mm all the way around.

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