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Installing a hammock net for a mezzanine at home allows you to create a unique space with very few elements. It’s a very practical, stylish and aesthetic solution. It’s a unique way of enhancing the volume of your room and your interior. Our article Home netting: 10 ideas for optimising your interior (and your exterior too) will show you all the installation possibilities.
Choosing the perfect colour for your hammock net is essential! Should you go for black or white? Or how about beige or grey? You’ll find all our advice and tips in this article.


Do all hammock nets for mezzanines come in the same range of colours?

There are many selection criteria. The most important are light and comfort. While all our hammock nets let light through perfectly, larger 30x30mm meshes provide even more light. In terms of comfort, 13x13mm hammock nets are optimal. This model is ideal for children, as it is softer under their feet and prevents small toys and other objects from falling through the mesh. Our guide to choosing the right hammock net will give you all the information you need on this subject.

In terms of colour, for a 30x30mm hammock net, you can choose between white, grey, beige or black. The 13x13mm polyester hammock nets are available in white or black. You can give free rein to your creativity to create unique, personalised spaces.


How do I choose the right colour of hammock net for my mezzanine?

You’ve chosen the type of hammock net that suits you best, all that’s left is to choose the colour.
You can, of course, opt for white. A symbol of brightness and elegance, it goes with every style of decoration.
White also has the advantage of visually enlarging the space, making it an ideal choice for Scandinavian interiors, with their emphasis on light tones and soft, natural materials. A white hammock net goes perfectly with light woods and pastel shades, creating a harmonious, soothing atmosphere.

Un filet de mezzanine utilisé comme un hamac adossé à une fenêtre qui donne sur un paysage aquatique

Filet de mezzanine blanc avec des coussins de couleurs pastel


On the other hand, choosing a black hammock net can add a graphic touch and highlight structural elements such as exposed beams or finely sanded concrete. It offers a sophisticated aesthetic, ideal for spaces with an industrial or contemporary style.

Un filet de mezzanine noir dans un chalet avec des boiseries intérieures

Opting for a beige hammock net will bring warmth and softness to your room. You can decorate your hammock net with cosy items such as a sheepskin, a soft throw or comfortable cushions. Beige is reminiscent of the natural colour of raw wool, and blends harmoniously with natural materials to create a cosy cocoon.

Filet pour mezzanine beige sur lequel un homme se détend

Grey, the emblematic colour of architecture, brings dynamism and modernity to your interior. Choosing a grey hammock net for your mezzanine will give a contemporary touch to a classic décor and add an unexpected touch. The grey and beige of light woods work well together to give an impression of harmony.

Un Filet gris dans un loft avec des bois clairs non traités et du béton

Do you know what tone to adopt? Now Feelnets shows you how to personalise your hammock net.


How can you personalise your hammock net for a mezzanine with a touch of bright colour?

Feelnets offers an exceptional choice of colours for tension ropes. The range extends from the classic colours of black, beige and grey to the primary colours of blue, red, yellow and green. You can use single or double lacing to stretch our hammock nets and fix them to the structure.
Follow our advice and play up the contrasts with a touch of bright colour, to personalise your installation and give it a dynamic edge. Coloured ropes evoke the world of sport and sailing, giving an outdoor twist to your interior design.

Blue lacing for a hammock net in a corridor

Red lacing to make your space more inviting.

Un filet de mezzanine avec fixé avec un laçage de cordage rouge

With Feelnets, give free rein to your imagination to create atypical spaces that reflect your personality and style. Our ropes can be used to create a colourful, graphic panel in their own right.

Panneau original créé avec des cordages noirs tendus de façon géométrique

Our solid, aesthetically pleasing hammock nets are designed to suit every inspiration, enhancing your living space with elegance and originality. Trust Feelnets to bring your most daring projects to life.



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