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Making your own swimming pool net can be a practical and cost-effective solution. Here’s a simple DIY guide to create one:

### Materials Needed:
1. **PVC Pipes**: You’ll need enough PVC pipes to create the frame of the net. The length and width will depend on the size of your pool.
2. **PVC Connectors**: These will be used to join the PVC pipes together to form the frame.
3. **Netting**: Choose your durable net from Feelnets. We offer plenty of options to customize your order and match your project needs.
4. **Cable Ties or Rope**: These will be used to attach the netting to the PVC frame.
5. **Scissors or Box Cutter**: To cut the netting to the desired size.
6. **Measuring Tape**: To measure and ensure accurate sizing.

### Steps:

1. **Measure and Cut PVC Pipes**: Measure the length and width of your pool to determine the size of the frame. Cut the PVC pipes to the appropriate lengths using a saw or PVC pipe cutter.
2. **Assemble the Frame**: Use the PVC connectors to assemble the PVC pipes into a rectangular frame. Ensure that the frame fits comfortably across the width of your pool.
3. **Cut the Netting**: Lay out the netting on a flat surface and cut it to the size of the frame, leaving some extra material to overlap the edges of the frame.
4. **Attach the Netting**: Lay the cut netting over the PVC frame, ensuring that it covers the entire frame with some excess on the sides. Use cable ties or rope to secure the netting to the PVC frame, making sure it’s taut and secure.
5. **Reinforce the Corners**: To ensure durability, reinforce the corners of the net by adding extra cable ties or rope where the netting meets the frame.
6. **Trim Excess Netting**: Trim any excess netting hanging over the edges of the frame using scissors or a box cutter.
7. **Test the Net**: Once everything is securely attached, test the net by skimming it across the surface of your pool to ensure it effectively catches debris.
8. **Make any Adjustments**: If necessary, make any adjustments to the net or frame to ensure it functions properly and fits your pool perfectly.

Once your DIY swimming pool net is complete, you can use it to regularly skim leaves, bugs, and other debris from the surface of your pool, keeping it clean and inviting for swimming.

** By proceeding with this DIY project, you agree to assume all associated risks and responsibilities. Take appropriate precautions, use personal protective equipment when necessary, and consult a professional if unsure about any aspect of the project.


DIY Swimming Pool Net

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