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Indoor hammock nets have become an essential trend in interior design. Installed on a mezzanine, in a bedroom or an office, they offer a host of possibilities and are capable of transforming any room into a totally unique space. Hammock nets add a touch of originality to your interior, something both elegant and relaxed. Find out how to incorporate these innovative elements into your home to create unique and functional spaces. But above all, let your imagination run wild. You’ll see that our made-to-measure hammock nets are the source of limitless creativity!

If your space isn’t rectangular, no problem! Feelnets’ made-to-measure indoor hammock nets are designed to adapt to any shape, offering a customised solution for every need. With Feelnets, you can install your hammock net yourself or go through our network of professionals throughout France. Take a look at our article Can you install a hammock net yourself? To answer all your questions about installing your hammock net.

1.Round indoor hammock net

Opt for original shapes like round indoor hammock nets, to add a designer touch to your home. It’s a great way to brighten up any room that’s a little dark. Installing a round hammock net creates an original skylight between two rooms. It also brings your different worlds together to create a convivial atmosphere and a feeling of space, in the style of a loft. This soft shape will also add an inimitable style, as in this design that is reminiscent of a ship’s porthole.


2. Mezzanine hammock net around the flue

If you want to install a hammock net above a fireplace or stove to create a cocooning space, this is perfectly possible. All you need is a metal structure, or an offset provided by a wooden beam, on which to fix the hammock net so that it runs around the element to be integrated. Tensioning the hammock net on four sides is essential for reasons of stability and safety. Feelnets offers made-to-measure hammock nets designed to adapt to this type of specific situation, particularly those involving the passage of a stove or chimney flue. These hammock nets are made to go around the flue without touching it, ensuring a safe and aesthetic installation.

Filet avec un décroché et structure en bois pour laisser passer un conduit de poêle


3. Rectangular, triangular or asymmetric hammock net in a room with wasted space

Made-to-measure rectangular or triangular hammock nets offer an innovative solution for transforming underused spaces into functional rooms. By using made-to-measure hammock nets, you can optimise every corner of your home, making them not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing. Opting for a full-length hammock net gives your room an instant designer look. The creative use of these nets creates a modern and trendy aesthetic, transforming previously neglected spaces into highlights of your home. Tailor-made hammock nets can be used to design bright, open workspaces that promote productivity and well-being. The choice of a coloured rope gives the installation a design style infused with nautical flair and adds a great deal of dynamism.

Feelnets offers a wide choice of different colours. Take a look at our article How to choose the perfect colour for your hammock net. to find the shade that will enhance your interior.


4. Indoor hammock net under slope

Create a bright, stylish ambience: Use made-to-measure hammock nets to transform under-slope spaces into bright, aesthetically pleasing places, offering a unique atmosphere to your interior. Suspended hammock nets add a modern touch and create an airy space.

Made-to-measure hammock nets offer a clever solution for maximising the use of under-roof spaces, transforming these sometimes hard-to-reach areas into functional and stylish spaces. Adapt the hammock net to your needs: Whether you want to create a reading corner, a relaxation area, or even a sleeping area, made-to-measure hammock nets can be adapted to your specific needs, offering incomparable versatility.

Get inspired by contemporary trends: Suspended hammock nets are in vogue in contemporary homes, offering an innovative way to create stylish under-roof spaces.


By exploring these creative ideas, you can make the most of interior hammock nets, transforming your space into one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

This innovative approach to designing interior spaces not only meets functional needs, but also brings a touch of modernity and sophistication to the environment, contributing to a stylish and harmonious end result.

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