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Children’s safety is an absolute priority for parents, whether at home, in the garden or in playareas. Protective hammock nets are an invaluable tool for preventing falls and accidents, ensuring a safe environment.

Child safety hammock for playgrounds

Play areas are places where children can have fun, but they also present risks of injury. Hammock nets are commonly used to secure play areas, especially high play structures suchas swings, slides and zip wires. In indoor play areas with trampolines and playgrounds, halls and climbing walls, hammock nets are used in the same way to prevent falls. Protective hammock nets are an essential element in allowing children to have fun, jump, climb and tryout all sorts of acrobatics without any danger. The mesh of these nets is carefully chosen to offer a balance between safety and visibility, allowing children to play with confidence whileremaining under supervision. The hammock nets must comply with safety standards, beproperly installed and maintained, and require constant supervision when in use.

Filet pour salle d'escalade

Hammock nets for tree climbing and adventure parks

Tree climbing is an increasingly popular activity for all the family. Numerous accrobranche parks have opened all over France over the last ten years, welcoming a public that has been won over by this new sport. Tree climbing is a great way to challenge yourself and developyour agility in the great outdoors. More fun than traditional fitness trails, it can be practised at a very young age, from six upwards, and some adventure parks even offer courses for children as young as three. Safety is essential in these areas, and hammock nets are key to avoiding injury in the event of a fall. At Feelnets, the creator of made-to-measure hammocknets, we offer you top-quality hammock nets that are guaranteed to be strong and sturdy. When you choose Feelnets, you can be sure that your customers will be completely safe.

Child Safety Hammock Nets for Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are very practical in children’s bedrooms to save space, but they can be dangerousif proper safety measures are not taken. Hammock nets for bunk beds are designed to preventchildren from falling out of the top bunk while sleeping. They give parents peace of mindwhile keeping their children safe. In our article Innovation and safety: hammock nets in ourhomes for a safe environment, you’ll find lots of advice and inspiration for creating anoriginal, fun and safe play area for your children.

Filet de sécurité pour lit en hauteur

Protective hammock nets for motorhomes

In motorhomes, protective hammock nets can be fitted to high areas such as sleeping areas. When travelling, they provide optimum safety and peace of mind. Easy to install, theycontribute to the comfort of your vehicle. The hammock nets are even used to store items. They’re very practical, and prevent objects and foodstuffs from falling out, especially whenyou’re on the road.

Protective hammock nets for balconies and terraces

Protective nets for balconies and terraces are devices designed to ensure the safety of people, especially children and pets, by preventing accidental falls from balconies, terraces or high ledges. The hammock nets are available in tough, durable materials such as polyester or polyamide, and are designed for safe installation.

Safety hammock nets for staircases

Staircases are high-risk areas for young children, especially when they start walking. Stairprotection hammock nets are installed along the banister or balustrade to prevent childrenfrom climbing or slipping. They provide an effective barrier while allowing sufficientvisibility and air circulation. Modern and attractive, this rope balustrade is very economical. Easy to install, it requires very few materials and very little intervention. All you have to do isplace the fixings alternately at the top and bottom, then run the tensioning rope in a zigzag pattern. Make sure you put enough tension on the rope, as this will ensure good strength.

Don’t hesitate to consult our Buying Guide for terrace, balcony and balustrade nets for all the information you need on how to install our protective nets. We pay particular attention to design, and offer hammock nets in a range of colours. In our article How to choose the perfectcolour for your hammock net? you can find even more inspiration for your project.

Protective hammock nets for swimming pools

Swimming pools can be very dangerous for unsupervised children. Child safety hammock for pools are designed to prevent any risk of accidental falls. Hammock nets can also be installed around the perimeter of the pool to prevent unauthorised access.

Feelnets offers a wide range of hammock nets for your pool. You can choose from a range of materials, from highly resistant UV-resistant polyester hammock net in 30×30 or 13x13mm mesh to PVC MEsh or Batyline. Whatever the shape of your pool, Feelnets can meet your needs. Please let us know your specific requirements.


Child safety hammock nets are an invaluable tool for parents concerned about their children’s safety. They provide effective protection against falls and injuries in a variety of environments, fromplaygrounds to bedrooms and swimming pools. By choosing the right hammock net and taking care of its maintenance, parents can create a safe environment where their children can grow and develop withconfidence.




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