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When you live in a house, you often want to make changes. But you don’t always have the courage to embark on major renovations. But there are now new interior design solutions that are less expensive and often less restrictive. The mezzanine net is one of them. Feelnets, your creator of made-to-measure living nets, explains why.

Mezzanine / loft netting: an extra room without (almost) no work

Starting work on a living space when you are already in place is something you think twice about. Noise, dust and frequent delays are all obstacles to building an extra room in your home.

But rather than breaking or building walls or laying extra floors, why not use the space already in your home? An unused hallway, a storage room, an attic or simply an empty space surrounded by four walls can be used as a mezzanine. And if you want to create a truly special space, custom-made living netting is the ideal solution. Especially since you can (almost) assemble it yourself.

Installing a solid frame for your mezzanine net

The only real requirement for installing a mezzanine net indoors (as well as outdoors) is to have a solid framework. In fact, we have devoted an article to : In which frame can you install a custom made net for your home? In that article we explained that custom-made netting cannot be fixed in plasterboard or other non-stable walls.

However, you can install a hammock net :

  • in a wooden frame (the simplest and most used solution)
  • in concrete walls
  • in IPNs
  • with the passage of a chimney or stove pipe
  • in hollow brick
  • on walls with BA13 and insulation
  • between 3 walls and the passage of a staircase
  • between two windows

Feelnets recommends that you call in the professionals for the installation of your framework for your loft netting. Thanks to an experienced technical team, we can assist you in all stages of your project. Our partners all over France are at your disposal to install your net.

Easy installation of your house net

It’s perfectly possible to install a custom-made hanging net on your own, although of course it’s easier for two people to do it. But you should know that 96% of Feelnets customers install their own net. Why shouldn’t you?

You will need to know how to place fixings all the way round, at 150mm intervals. We offer a range of customised net fixings and can advise on the installation of any frame you choose.

You will then need to :

  • Centre the net in the gap to be filled by attaching it at the corners and in the middle.
  • Tie the corners with the right knots.
  • Once the corners are hooked, start lacing the sides with the tension rope.
  • Check that you have obtained the ideal tension for your hammock net.

Mezzanine netting: an economical solution for creating an extra room

As well as being much less of a hassle than a major extra room, custom-made loft netting is also much less expensive. To help you get an idea, Feelnets has given you some price ideas, even though custom-made netting often requires a quote.

Feelnets custom made loft netting at attractive prices and rates

Here are two examples of Feelnets mezzanine nets.

Net in timber frame – size of void to be filled 2500 x 2000 mm

  • With 8*80mm piton option
  • 30x30mm white mesh
  • 65 x 8*80mm pegs (one peg every 150mm)
  • 23 metres of 10mm white tension rope (single lacing)

Total : 373.70 € HT / 448.44 €TTC delivered in France.

That is 89.68€TTC/m²

Net in wooden frame – size of the space to be filled 2000 x 1800 mm

  • With bridges on a plate with 4.5*50mm screws (black net with red rope)
  • 30x30mm black mesh
  • 55 x bridges with 4.5*50mm screws (one bridge every 150mm)
  • 38 meters of 10mm red tension rope (double lacing)

Total : 462.30 € HT / 554.76 €TTC delivered in France.

That is 154.10€ inc VAT/sqm

For any request for a quote or information on our custom-made housing nets, please contact us!

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