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Which trampoline net for your multihulls ?

Feelnets is a major global player in the manufacture of trampoline nets for multihulls around the world.
Lagoon, Nautitech, Catana, Fountaine Pajot, HHCatamaran, Ocean Voyager…all the biggest shipyards, Feelnets makes for you quality catamaran nets suitable for all.
Partner and supplier for many boat rental companies in the world such as Dream Yacht Charter, SK Yachting, Istion…or regatta multihulls such as the MOD70 from Maserati or from different shipyards in the world, Corthinx, HH Catamarano or Island Spirit. Feelnets takes advantage of its partners present on all the oceans to test its products in order to guarantee you a quality product adapted to your needs.

Which material for my catamaran net ?

Feelnets now offers three materials to make your multihull nets.
The Polyester material with 30x30mm or 13x13mm meshes and a 10mm diameter border.
PVC mesh from Serge Ferrari with welded and sewn edges.
Dyneema for regatta boats or other cruising multihulls.
Feelnets will recommend the best material for your boat in case of hesitation.

Nets made of 30x30mm polyester mesh.

Feelnets equips today a large part of the multihulls in the world with 30x30mm white or black polyester mesh.
This material is treated against UV rays, it is knotless to offer maximum comfort and the mesh is wide enough not to change the behaviour of your boat in the event of rough seas. It offers a good compromise between safety and comfort.
The edge of the net, also known as the headline, is a 10mm tension rope that is fixed all around the net, giving it its shape. At the time of installation, you will have to pass your rope between the fasteners on the hulls and the luff tape to tension your net.
All our nets for multihulls have a resistance of 200kg/m².
Before installing the new net, it is imperative to let it soak for 24 hours in water and then install it wet. As it dries, the trampoline will set up.

Nets made of 13x13mm polyester mesh.

The 13x13mm mesh is also made of knotless polyester and is available in black or white.
With a tighter mesh, this material offers more comfort, you will enjoy relaxing or moving around on your trampoline. Feelnets equips many yacht charter companies in the world like Dream Yacht Charter number one in the world for boat rental or shipyards like HH Catamaran with this mesh.
The resistance of the mesh of this material is 200kg/m².
Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech and other large shipyards also use this material to equip their catamarans.
As for the 30x30mm mesh, the net must be left in the water for 24 hours and installed soaked.
It will take its shape as it dries.

Manufacture of trampolines in PVC Mesh from Serge Ferrari.

Material PVC 492 or 392 from Serge Ferrari, extremely resistant 450kg/m², the finishes are welded and sewn.
We make trampolines with this material for private individuals and large units such as Océan Voyager, Tahiti 75, Tahiti 80, Sunreefs, Nautitech 82 and other multihulls.
This material is perfectly adapted to resist in time.
Feelnets offers welded and sewn edges.
Depending on the size of the trampolines, we offer a finish with an eyelet or with a sheath to pass rushes through. Feelnets recommends sheaths for longer lengths, you will obtain greater resistance over time and a better distribution of tension over the entire surface.

Making Dyneema nets

Feelnets makes your Dyneema netting to measure from your drawings.
It is mainly used for multihull racing boats, but many boaters and boatyards prefer this material.
Much more expensive than polyester but stronger and lighter, Dyneema is the perfect material to lighten the boat.
It is available with or without knots and in white.
Net with a 6, 8 or 10 mm diameter rope.
The dyneema 4 or 6 mm diameter tension rope is also available with Feelnets.
Our nets equip today many racing multihulls such as the Maserati MOD70 skippered by Giovanni Soldini.

To fix your net, use 4 or 6mm diameter rope.

Feelnets offers rope in several colors. On your quotation, the number of meters needed for lacing is indicated by default according to the model of your boat or the dimensions sent.
For fixing, several methods work.
Point by point fixing :
Share the rope in as many fixing points as possible on your boat. Attach the net at each fixing point using each pre-cut rope. Finish with half keys.
The lacing fastening :
Tie a knot in a corner and start lacing the rope once around the luff tape of the net (trampoline edge) and once on the boat hook and so on all around. The tensioning will be done by itself.

Why choose Feelnets quality

Feelnets is a partner with the world’s number one boat rental company in the world, it guarantees us nets used every day in the 4 corners of the world in all the different climates to offer you a professionally tested product.
As a partner of Maserati and other racing multihulls, Feelnets also provides you with new and adapted products for cruising multihulls.

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