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Lagoon 380, Lagoon 400, Lagoon 410, Lagoon 420, Lagoon 440, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 470, Lagoon 47, Lagoon 500… Feelnets manufactures trampoline for the whole range of the brand, from the oldest to the newest.

Across the world many Lagoon catamarans are already equipped with Feelnets nets. Not only are we trusted by boat owners but also by our partners, such as Dream Yacht Charter, the global leader for boat rental.

Dream Yacht Charter owns a significant number of Lagoon catamarans to be found in many of their rental centres.

Feelnets manufactures trampoline nets (lien)for the whole Lagoon catamarans range, in polyester or in Sergio Ferrari’s 492 prestressed PVC mesh (lien).

Our mesh is available in 13 x13 mm (0,51 x 0,51 inch) or 30×30 mm (1,18×1,18 inches), black or white.

The rope is 10 mm (0,39) thick, overlocked, for any size of mesh.

Lagoon trampolinesnets made of Sergio Ferrari’s 492 prestressed PVC mesh, come with welded and stitched edges. Eyebolts are set every 150 mm (5,9 inches) all the way round. The biggest nets come with a circlip sleeve.

Before we start manufacturing your new Sergio Ferrari’s PVC mesh trampoline, Feelnets will send you the layout for confirmation, to make sure it matches the dimensions of your trampoline.

Feelnets uses the same 30 x 30 mm (1,18 x 1,18 inches) white polyester mesh that was originally set up on Lagoon catamarans.

If you will be using your Lagoon on the sea, Feelnets advises that you use 30×30 mm mesh. If the sea conditions are strong, your trampoline net will allow the waves through and it will not alter the handling of your catamaran.

Most of the boat rental companies equip their Lagoon with 13 x 13 mm net to enhance its cosiness while mooring.

Feelnets is known and renowned among our partners for the quality of our Lagoon trampoline nets. They are the perfect upgrade when your existing Lagoon net needs to be replaced.

We can provide for any model of the Lagoon brand. Many nets are in-store, however, if your model is not it will take us 10 to 15 days to manufacture.

Feelnets delivers Lagoon nets all over the world. Our expert team will deliver your quotation within 3 hours. If your boat is in transit, we can rely on our network of partners to deliver your parcel wherever you are.

Feelnets is here for you, it’s as simple as that

A customer talks about his new Lagoon 400 Feelnets trampoline

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