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If you’re doing a cottage renovation in Ontario, Quebec, or anywhere in Canada, making the best use of space will probably be one of your top priorities.  In fact, it will probably be your very highest priority.  Making astute use of interior nets can be a cost-effective way to get the most out of literally every inch of space.  Here is a quick guide to what you need to know.

From boat to cottage renovation in Canada

Boat-builders have long had to squeeze every last little bit of functionality out of small, often awkward, spaces.  Modern interior designers and home-goods manufacturers have learned a lot from them.  This is probably most obvious in the “tiny house” niche.  It is, however, becoming increasingly important for the design of regular homes, particularly cottages.

One of the major challenges of many renovations is that you often need to strike a balance between respecting the history of the home and bringing it up to date.  This is particularly true of cottage renovations as cottages were often designed with awkward layouts.  On the one hand, these are often part of their charm.  On the other hand, they can really limit functionality.

Custom nets from Feelnet are often the ideal way to square this circle.  They can be used horizontally or vertically.  You can have them tight to create a firm surface or loose to create a more “hammock-like” effect.  Custom nets from Feelnet can even be used outdoors.  For example, if you want to create an “indoor/outdoor” environment, they can be a great option.

Why nets have become so popular for cottage renovation

Nets fit perfectly into the modern need for flexibility and adaptability.  They are robust but give the impression of lightness.  They are also very cost-effective.  Custom nets from Feelnet are much more economical than many other options such as metalwork or drywall.  This means that they can be used as either temporary or permanent solutions.

Another reason why nets have become popular is that they can be much easier to install than other options.  Essentially, you just fix the net to a wall (or other robust structure).  You can therefore completely avoid heavy-duty installation work.

Using nets horizontally for home improvements

When you use a net horizontally for a cottage renovation, you effectively create a mezzanine floor.  This type of flooring isn’t strong enough for standard household furniture.  It is, however, more than strong enough for cushions and even futon mattresses.  This means that it can be used for seating and sleeping.  

It is perfectly safe and comfortable to walk on.  Not only is it very strong, but it’s also fixed tightly.  You can therefore walk across it in the same way as you would walk across regular flooring.  Adults should avoid vigorous movement on nets (e.g. dancing) but younger children can play on them safely.  In fact, nets have become very popular for creating play areas for children.

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Vertical nets as a safety barrier

Using nets vertically has become a popular way to create a light but safe barrier.  This could be for safety (e.g. a guardrail) or just to zone off a space.  Nets combine openness with clear divisions.  This means that they offer an attractive balance of connectedness and privacy.  This can be used in many ways.

For example, you could use nets to create a temporary division in a bedroom.  This could be used to allow parents to stay beside their children or siblings to stay beside each other.  All occupants would, however, still have a decent level of privacy.  As time passed, the configuration could be updated if necessary.

Alternatively, you could use nets to zone off part of a family room to create a home office.  Again, this would allow the person in the office to keep an eye on the people in the family room (or vice versa).  At the same time, however, the person working would still have their privacy.

Using nets outdoors

Probably the most obvious use for nets outdoors is as barriers, typically for safety reasons.  For example, if you have a balcony, then you need some kind of protection against falls.  Nets have become very popular for this as they are strong enough to be safe but light enough to be open. Vertical nets are also often used to section off areas where people play sports and games.

You can, however, also use nets horizontally for cottage renovation.  For example, you could use them to create the floor of a balcony.  Although this would stop you from using standard furniture, it would offer a very different and more engaging experience.  You would be able to see the ground underneath you and appreciate its beauty.


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