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As summer slowly gives way to autumn, why not prolong the feeling of freedom and relaxation? Bringing a breath of fresh air into your home while creating extra space can be very easy. All you need to do is install a made-to-measure hammock net in your space. Now’s the time to install a hammock net for a mezzanine to bring a playful spirit into your home, while encouraging family bonding time.

The Art of creating a corner of your own

Transform a corner of your space into a carefully thought-out relaxation area with made-to-measure hammock net. Specially designed to fit in harmoniously with your interior, it creates a very light, yet solid suspended surface that gives the impression of floating on a cloud. By choosing the right tension, you can create a space where you can relax, play and let your imagination run wild. As you can read in our article Why a hammock net is a brilliant idea for your children, comfort and safety are our priorities at Feelnets. The mesh size can be chosen to hold small objects or allow small children’s feet to move around in it. The soft material makes it feel like a hammock. Railings can also be added to prevent any risk of falling.

A place to disconnect

Make some good back-to-school resolutions. Why not create a screen-free space where the family can play together? The hammock net becomes a refuge, where conversations and games take over. Just like a bivouac after a day’s hiking, this hammock net will provide authentic moments for sharing and getting together. Whether you’re playing a game of animal mime with the younger children or having enriching discussions with the teenagers, this space becomes the ideal setting for creating unforgettable memori

Relax and let your imagination run wild

The hammock net offers much more than just a play area. Imagine lying back and relaxing on a soft, comfortable hammock net. Through the mesh of the hammock net, the light creates a serene atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to read, listen to music or simply enjoy doing nothing. Let yourself be carried away by your daydreams in this haven of inner peace. Relaxing on a hammock net is a bit like taking a still journey. Read this article on the origins of the hammock net.

A back-to-school like no other

Don’t let the back-to-school period plunge you into routine! With made-to-measure hammock net, you open the door to an escape from everyday life. An escape that invites itself into every corner of your home, offering a space for relaxation and family fulfilment. So why not let yourself be tempted? Surprise your children for the start of the new school year and give them a space where their imagination can travel.


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