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The prestige hotel industry is constantly seeking to reinvent itself in order to offer its customers unique and unforgettable experiences. Feelnets, a partner of the world’s most prestigious hotels, has been offering tailor-made hammock nets combining luxury, comfort and safety for over fifteen years. Perfectly integrated into indoor and outdoor environments, these hammock hotel transform hotel spaces into veritable havens of relaxation. Discover how the installation and customisation of these hammock nets bring a touch of sophistication and innovation to star hotels around the world.

Ordering Feelnets hammock nets

Consultation and design

It all starts with a personalised consultation with hoteliers. Feelnets’ experts take into account the specific needs of each establishment, to create original and exceptional relaxation areas. Careful analysis of the space available and the particular features of the hotel allows us to design tailor-made hammock nets that blend harmoniously into the décor.

Choice of materials and customisation

Once the design has been validated, the choice of materials becomes crucial. Feelnets uses high-quality, UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials, guaranteeing perfect durability. Hoteliers can customise the hammock hotel by choosing the colour, mesh size and type of fixing, creating unique spaces that reflect the elegance and style of their establishment.

For more information, take a look at our buying guide for hotels around the world.


Our recent achievements

Feelnets equips some of the biggest hotels in the world, as you can see on this page dedicated to our partners.

The Hilton Conrad hotel complex in Bora Bora

Le complexe hôtelier Hilton Conrad à Bora Bora ; Vue sur les bungalows avec piscine privative et filet extérieur, dock hammock pour hôtel de luxe dans le monde

Conrad in Bora Bora is a perfect example of Feelnets innovation. The hammock nets installed over the turquoise lagoons create unparalleled relaxation areas, allowing guests to unwind while enjoying the breathtaking views. Sturdy stainless steel fixings ensure safety and durability, adding a touch of luxury to the experience.

Sammer Hotel in Austria

Sammer Hôtel en Autriche. Vue sur le filet d'extérieur suspendu au-dessu d'un lac.

At the Sammer Hotel in Austria, Feelnets suspended over the lakes provide unique areas for relaxation and contemplation. The tight mesh provides optimum comfort, allowing guests to feel suspended above the water, while enjoying the surrounding natural beauty.

Temple Point Resort in Kenya

Temple Point Resort au Kenya. Contemplation du coucher de soleil en famille avec des enfants sur un filet d'habitation, dock hammock au dessus de la mer

Temple Point Resort in Kenya uses Feelnets hammock nets to create relaxing areas by the water. Perfectly integrated into the natural environment, the water hammock offer guests an ideal place to watch the sunset. Designed to support several people, they guarantee safety and conviviality, enriching the experience of every visitor.

These projects demonstrate the flexibility and adaptability of Feelnets, capable of enhancing luxury hotels anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Feelnets made-to-measure hammock nets

Durability and resistance

Feelnets are made from top-quality materials designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Treated to be UV and weather resistant, these hammock nets ensure exceptional longevity, even in the harshest environments. This durability reduces maintenance requirements and guarantees a long-term investment for star hotels.

Flexibility and adaptability

The ability of Feelnets hammock nets to adapt to a variety of environments and configurations is a major advantage. Whether it’s for suspended spaces over water, rooftop relaxation areas or safe play areas for children, each hammock net is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each hotel. This flexibility means that any space can be transformed into an attractive and functional area.

Comfort and safety

Feelnets hammock nets are designed for maximum comfort and safety. Customised mesh sizes ensure a comfortable surface, while sturdy fixings provide stability and security. Whether relaxing outdoors or creating a play area for younger children, these nets offer a safe and comfortable solution, enhancing the overall customer experience.

By incorporating these bespoke hammock nets, luxury hotels not only benefit from a unique aesthetic appeal, but also a practical and sustainable solution to diversify and enrich their spaces.

Feedback and testimonials from our partners

Feedback from hoteliers

Feedback from Feelnets’ hotel partners is unanimous. They highlight the significant improvement in the customer experience thanks to these innovative installations. As well as adding an attractive aesthetic dimension, the hammock nets create spaces for relaxation and leisure that delight visitors.

Improving the customer experience

Customers particularly appreciate the feeling of lightness and comfort offered by Feelnets custom nets for luxury hotels. Whether they’re relaxing in the open air or enjoying the breathtaking views, these hammock nets quickly become a highlight of their stay. Children will also find these facilities a safe and entertaining place to play.

Adding unique aesthetic value

Hoteliers are also seeing the positive impact of hammock nets on the image of their establishments. By incorporating such innovative and customisable elements, they stand out from the competition and attract customers looking for new experiences. Feelnets help to create a unique atmosphere, which becomes an additional selling point.

Testimonials from our partners in the hotel industry confirm that Feelnets are not only a practical and aesthetic solution, but also help to build customer loyalty by enriching their stay with exceptional and unforgettable moments.


Feelnets bespoke hammock nets are an innovative and versatile solution for the luxury hotel industry. Thanks to a rigorous consultation and design process, each installation is perfectly tailored to the specific needs of each hotel. The benefits in terms of durability, flexibility, comfort and safety are significant, helping to enrich the guest experience in a unique way. Positive feedback from our partners testifies to the positive impact of these installations, both aesthetically and functionally, offering valuable and lasting added value to their establishments. Feelnets are an invitation to reinvent hotel spaces to surprise and delight guests around the world.

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