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The house net has been one of the major trends in decoration, indoor architecture, and to optimize your living space. The solid rope is stylish and secure, and can be used horizontally or vertically, as a trampoline or a catamaran net. Thanks to its ever-growing success, it can be found in many homes, hotels and companies. Where can you set it up? For what type of space? Feelnets, custom net maker, brings you ten ideas to improve your indoor and outdoor spaces with a house net.

1. Filling an empty mezzanine space and gaining more surface


This is the most common way to use an indoor house net. When you create or convert a floor in an existing house, it’s not always easy to add a new stairway. And when you’re a family, you want to keep everyone together in the house (even more when you have children), to be with the kids when they play, or relax above your head.

The house net is an easy way to create a mezzanine. It can be set up in any empty space. It can be a playground, a leisure place, and a connecting device all in one. Moreover, the hung mezzanine let the air and the light through.

Discover ourFeelnetscustom-made productions.

2. Creating an extra playground for children to optimize your living space

playground for children

As soon as your house net is hung, be ready for your children to storm in, and set up camp. As a real indoor trampoline, the house net has an undeniably fun side. It’s also a safe playground where you will be able to watch over your children from another part of the house.

Feelnets, expert in custom-made house nets, produce many net playgroundsthat you can discoverhere.

3. A partition in your living environment that lets the light through

There is a large living space in your house, and you want to clearly define the practical aspects of your room: office, living room, kitchen, leisure area… However you don’t want to lose interactions with your family and you want the light to flow everywhere. Rather than add a closed partition, a large piece of invasive furniture or a rather expensive studio window, setting up a horizontal house net will allow you to optimize your living space in a flexible way.

You can make up your mind by visiting our page room partitions with horizontal nets. Discover our photos.

4. A house net to secure your interior: railing for a mezzanine or an open floor

railing for a mezzanine or an open floor

Whatever type of mezzanine you have, very often you will need to use a railing to prevent falls. You can choose between wood, steel, glass, cables, aluminium… or rope! Your railing can be a tensed net over the whole horizontal surface, with maximal security, as nobody will be able to climb above (unlike “traditional” railings).

This railing can also be used over a regular railing frame if you don’t want it to be too obvious.

Discover our railings creations here.

5. A unique railing for your terrace

House nets can also be used outside. They are the ideal choice to secure a terrace, preventing falls without blocking the view. Set up a wooden, concrete or steel frame on your terrace and add a net to it and you will have a unique and secure railing, with tensed weatherproof rope.

Feelnets is also acatamaran net expert, that’s why all our nets are sun-proof, and durable.

6. Stair railings

Stair railings

Sometimes design and family life can be unhappy bedfellows. For example, a hanging staircase can be very dangerous for small children. To avoid ruining a beautiful design we suggest a house net railing. Covering the whole open side of your staircase, it will provide absolute safety.

Discover photos of Feelnets staircase railing creations.

7. A giant hammock, close to your swimming pool, and over your terrace

giant hammock

Cosiness is one of our hung nets greatest assets. You can create a giant custom sized hammock, to lie down in and read or relax. It’s particularly enjoyable on a terrace, near a swimming pool. It can be set-up on any frame, and could be embedded in a wooden terrace.

Feelnets provides custom-made nets for many hotels, which discreetly blend into the landscape. Our outdoor mesh is knotless to provide superior comfort.

8. Set-up your home cinema with a house net

home cinema

Don’t know what to do with your empty space upstairs? Why don’t you turn the floor into an indoor house net? Why don’t you use that large white wall alongside it as a luxury cinema screen? Just a small change turns this place into a cosy home cinema and an extra leisure space inside your house!

9. An extra bedroom for your guests thanks to your house net

guest room

There’s always a need for an extra bed. If a mezzanine net can be a playground, a leisure place or a home cinema, it can also become an extra bed when you have guests. Becoming multihull sailors for one night, they’ll just need a cosy blanket to sleep soundly!

10. A railing for bunk beds

railing for bunk beds

Many parents go for bunk beds, or hung beds with a playground or a desk underneath, to save space in children’s rooms. To make it look like a cocoon you can close it with a plank, but if you want to make it light, cosy, secure and breathable go for a horizontal net.

Feelnets creates and sets-up custom-made house nets to optimize your living space.

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