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Creating a relaxing home has always been a difficult task to accomplish without any blemishes. If you want a home to have more natural light, you may need to have larger windows, which costs more in heating bills. If you would like to make a zone whereby it is great for leisure, then you’ll need to invest a lot of money in specialist decor items. Yet, there are some new interior design ideas that could sort of all this out without much fuss. In Canada and the US, the hammock floor is taking the home design industry by storm. It’s affordable, easy to use, easy to install and is fantastic for a home with an open floor plan. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of having a giant hammock floor that can maximize your floor space, and make it functional.

Home Improvement in 2021

When we think about leisure rooms, we consider a games room or perhaps building a home entertainment room. Creating a cinema, place for a pool table, or a reading nook are all part and parcel of a modern leisure room that isn’t a living room accompaniment. But, if you have an open floor plan, then you will be erecting walls to make it happen. A leisure room can be noisy and thus, it tends to be soundproof and in the basement or in the loft conversion.

However, with a hammock floor it doesn’t have to be. It’s basically an interior design net, which can be fixed to fill a void and still be part of the room itself. Without breaking up lines and putting up barriers, this is a DIY home improvement project which really merges leisure into the existing floor plan. You can be walking upstairs and up above, a member of the family could be lying down taking a nap, reading a book, or perhaps playing with a virtual reality game. This is great use of overhead space, allowing for greater flexibility and an ideal rearrangement of a mezzanine. The custom interior nets are innovative Interior Design Ideas for 2021. 

Interior Design Ideas for Mezzanine Extension

Loft conversions are very difficult to get right. You want the room to be functional and yet, not change the home itself. So when you are trying to create a workable space, moving things around isn’t always an option. For leisure, we recommend you give this kind of safety netting a chance to plug the gap and act as a floor. If you have a void to fill in your loft, building a floor extension could cost you a lot of money, but a hammock type of floor can be installed in a day. It can fully support the weight of several adults, spread their weight out evenly, and you get to choose the size of the netting. So if you have a small child’s bedroom in the loft, their arms or legs won’t slip through and get them tangled or cause injury.

Better natural light

Perhaps the most radical and very practical way to implement this new hammock flooring is when you replace your first floor flooring. This allows for an abundance of natural light to enter the house. It is especially important in cities where the winter season can be long and harsh like in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. It could be just one room that is above the living room, which could be entirely supported by the hammock. It could be your reading nook or perhaps as part of your bedroom. You can see directly into the living room straight from your bedroom and this may be something you support in terms of style, space, lighting and creative home design. The appeal of this hammock flooring is that it’s one of the most unique interior design ideas that has come to the rescue of natural light lovers. It’s akin to safety netting and great for a mezzanine floor. 

The clear and present advantage of doing this is, you kind of have a second living room. You can lie down and read a book, while being able to see downstairs into the kitchen or living room. It’s a functional space, somewhere you can go with your pillow and throw, to take a nap.

Modern Home Design

Hammock for Interior

For those of you that have bought your multi-storey apartment in a major city, and would like somewhere innovative to relax, a hammock floor that could bridge the gap between the two or more floors is an excellent choice. Essentially, it can create an open floor plan, vertically! If you have 2-3 floors, you can make part of each floor into a hammock zone. You can see all the way down from the top floor, to the ground. It’s stylish, modern, contemporary and provides brilliant airflow throughout the apartment. What more can be said about it? It’s a functional space, somewhere you can go to take a nap. The hammock allows your weight to sink, so your body thoroughly relaxes. That’s the secret of the hammock, you have to try it to see what we mean. Because you’re able to see throughout the home without your vision being blocked by a floor or wall, you just feel like you’re floating.

Styling the netting

Just like a hammock you would hang outside in your patio, we think that a hammock floor should be stylish. You can select any kind of color you’d like, red, yellow, blue and green are all popular choices to match your interior design ideas. The netting will be braided and because it is treated to be tough, it kind of shimmers in the moonlight so you can see it even in dim lighting. It’s made out of polyester mostly, but you can have it made out of rope if you want a little extra strength. Bear in mind, that polyester is softer than rope, which may be more comfortable. However, rope is strong and durable, and less likely to stretch and or rip under pressure. 

The net can support up to 240 kilos of weight, which is pretty much about 3 adults or 2 adults and a couple of young children. We think you should go for the lacing rope, which is used in maritime operations. It can withstand 3000kg and it’s used to raise the sails of ships and boats. That is a lot of strength and this may be something that you are looking for if you would like to convert a large floor into a hammock floor idea.

Home Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes!

You can use a hammock floor for many things. Firstly, napping! Of course, those that are tired after coming home from work, but don’t quite want to go to bed before dinner, they can just grab a throw and sleep on the floor. The hammock flooring that is! Then you can also use the hammock floor for a reading nook. It’s got great support, allows for natural light to filter in the room so you don’t need a lamp and you can sit or lie down as you read. There is nothing getting in the way which means you have pure freedom. This is what people only realize when they use the hammock floor for the first time, they have a sense of being suspended in space.

It’s also great for a modern home design. If you would like to simply have something unorthodox and irregular to make your home unique, this is it a great choice. Those are becoming extremely popular in places like Vancouver, BC. You may also find that it’s the best choice for certain rooms like those in the loft or perhaps on the first floor of a garden house. It’s also just cool isn’t it? It looks like something out of a movie or dream home fantasy. And we like that!

Benefits of a custom net

You may be thinking why this is better than, maybe a floor!? Well, if you look at the benefits of style and prascticality, it makes a hammock look like the missing jigsaw puzzle in your home. We are too blocked off, too hemmed in inside our homes. The pandemic has shown us that our homes need to be our sanctuary and not just a box we get in, in between going to work and doing a bit of grocery shopping. It’s also very easy to set up, it can be completed in about a day. The rope can be replaced very quickly as it’s just hung onto the hooks. 

It’s critical that we expand our space, we allow more light into the home and allow for an open floor plan to flourish. Until now, an open floor plan has only done so, by horizontal means, connecting rooms on a single floor. But the hammock flooring allows for multiple stories to be connected and that means, better communication with people who share the home.

If you would like to know more about this unique interior design ideas, then get in touch. It adds a touch of style and abnormality that is practical to your home. We can answer any questions you may have about cost, durability and more. We are available in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia. We ship worldwide.


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