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The interior net must be installed in a solid frame. The custom made net cannot be fixed in plasterboard or other non-resistant walls.

Here are the different possible cases, you will surely find your configuration in the examples below.

Installation of the net in a wooden frame.

mezzanine net wood frame fixing

custom net for Residential installed in a wooden frame

It is necessary to check that your beams are at least 80mm thick.

In this case, place the fasteners all around the perimeter every 150mm.

Fixings proposed by Feelnets, 8*80mm studs or bridges on a plate with 50mm screws.

Take the dimensions edge to edge of the gap. If you are not on a perfect rectangle, you will have to give us the inside diagonals for the thread.

Installation of the mezzanine net in concrete walls.

You can install a net in concrete walls, you can take the fixings proposed by Feelnets such as the 8*80mm pitons with the adapted concrete plugs.

You will have to drill holes in the concrete every 150mm to fix the dowels and then screw the piton in place.

Installation of a custom-made thread in IPNs

Installation of the catamaran net in a frame with IPN, you have several possibilities.

Either you drill holes in the IPN every 150mm clean and well rounded so that the tensioning rope cannot rub and get damaged.

Or you can weld a metal bar and pass the tension rope around the bar. (This option makes it possible not to place a fastener every 150mm).

Either you drill and screw lifting rings with a nut every 150mm.

Installation of a house thread with the passage of a stove or chimney flue pipe

Feelnets makes the nets to measure. If you have a cutout to be made in the net to pass the conduit through, just tell us on your drawing the dimensions of the cut to be made in the net.

To unhook it around the duct passage, you have to make a frame so that the net can be fixed on this frame.

Indeed the net must be fixed all around to obtain a good distribution of the load and the tension. If you leave a space of the net unfixed, the tension will not be good and the net will not be pleasant.

Installation of a net in hollow brick.

It is quite possible to fix the net in hollow brick, just fix the studs with chemical sealant.

Feelnets does not offer chemical sealing, but you can find it in all specialist shops.

Installation on walls with BA13 and insulation.

Do you have beams or a load-bearing wall behind the BA13? In that case you have to make sure that behind the BA13 you do not have any insulation or glass wool or the like.

Make sure you can reach a hard wall behind it.

Either the wall is just behind the BA13, in which case you can stay with the 8*80mm studs.

Either you have insulation in addition to the BA13 to cross to reach the hard wall and in this case it is preferable to add a beam which will be fixed with bolts and it is on this new beam (minimum 80mm thick) that you will

come to fix the fixings for the net.

Or you can use bigger studs like 12x120mm or even more if necessary.

Installation between 3 walls with stairs

You have 3 walls and on one side, a staircase that gives access to the mezzanine.

For the installation, you will have to add a beam or a metal bar to finish the framework.

This addition will be done at the level of the staircase. It is imperative that the net is fixed on all sides to obtain a good distribution of tension over the entire surface.

Installation of the interior net between two windows

Check that you have a supporting beam or wall between the two windows.

Indeed it will be on this wall that you will be able to place fixings every 150mm.

We recommend the 30x30mm mesh to keep the light passage.

If you don’t have a wall on which to fix the fixings, we advise you to stretch a metal bar between the two parallel walls. You will be able to pass the tensioning rope for the tensioning of the net around it and you will not have

any fixation on this part.

Net installation on a 3-sided hopper

In this case, a wooden beam must be added to close the hopper or a metal bar must be fixed to close the hopper or an IPN.

Once your framework is made, you just have to apply the fixings per wall. (Count one fastener every 150mm except on the metal bar).


Feelnets the specialist in custom-made nets for housing.

Production between 10 and 15 days.

Free delivery in France except Corsica.

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