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The indoor net must be set-up in a strong framework. The custom net can’t be hung on plasterboard or other weak walls.

Here is a list of the possibilities to find the solution that suits you:

Net set-up on a wood framework

filet mezzanine fixation ossature bois

Exemple de fixation d’un filet mezzanine dans une ossature bois

o fix a mezzanine net in a wood framework, make sure that the wood is at least 80mm (3,1 inches) thick. (Commentaire de l’illustration)

In this case, place fixings all the way around the frame, every 150 mm (5,9 inches).

Feelnets fixings range, eyebolts 8×80 mm (0,31 x 3,1 inches) or saddles on plates with 50 mm (1,96 inches) screws.

The dimensions we use are measured from edge to edge. If the space for your net is not a perfect rectangle please send us the diagonal length for us to manufacture the net.

Net set-up on a concrete wall

You can set up your net on a concrete wall, using Feelnets range of fixings, for example eyebolts 8×80 mm (0,31 x 3,1 inches), with the dedicated anchors.

You will have to drill every 150 mm (5,9 inches) to place the anchors. Then secure the eyebolts.

Net set-up on IPN 

There are different options for a catamaran net set up on an IPN framework.

  • Drill holes in the IPN every 150 mm (5,9 inches). Sand them well, and make sure that they are round so that the ropedoesn’t get damaged
  • Weld a metal bar and pass the straining rope around (this prevents you from an eyebolt or a hole every 150 mm)
  • Drill holes to fix hanging points with screws every 150 mm

Net set-up integrating a chimney or a stove pipe

Feelnets manufactures custom nets.

If you have to go around a pipe (or any other obstacle), let us know the dimensions of the window we have to cut in the net.

To go around the obstacle, you will need to create an additional framework to fix to the main framework then fix the net to it. The net must be fixed on its whole periphery to offer athe perfect load distribution and tension.

If the net is not entirely fixed, the tension won’t be perfect and the net won’t feel cosy.

Net set-up in hollow bricks

There is no issuesetting up a net in hollow bricks,though to do so you will need to fix the eyebolts with a chemical seal.

Feelnets doesn’t sell chemical seal, but you can easily find it at your local DIY store.

Net set-up in plasterboards and insulator

Are there metal beams or concrete walls behind the plasterboard?

If so, you must make sure that there is no insulation of any kind behind the plasterboard.

Is the solid framework behind the plasterboard easy to reach?

If the solid framework is just behind the plasterboard you can use our 8 x 80 mm (0,31 x 3,1 inches) eyebolts.

If there is insulation behind the plasterboard we recommend adding a wooden beam(at least 80 mm thick) fixed to a solid framework with sleeper screws. The net fixings will be set-up on the new beam.

Net set-up including a stair opening

If on one of the walls you have an opening for stairs leading to the mezzanine, you will need to add a beam to close the framework where the stairs ends.

The net must be fixed to the framework on its whole periphery to offer the perfect load distribution.

Net set-up between two windows

Make sure that there is an IPN beam or a bearing wall between the windows.

You will be able to place your fixings on it every 150 mm (5,9 inches).

We recommend that you use 30 x 30 mm (1,18 x 1,18 inches) mesh to let the light through.

If there is no framework on which to place your fixings we recommend that you install a metal beam between two walls. You will be able to pass the straining rope around it to finish your net.

Net set-up between a three-sided space

You will need to add a wooden beam or an IPN to close the space.

Once your framework is closed you’ll just have to put-up your fixings every 150 mm (5,9 inches) or lace the rope around if you’re using a metal bar.

Feelnets the custom net expert for your house

Manufacture takes between 10 and 15 days

Free Delivery in France (except Corsica)

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