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In the world of unusual accommodation, from cosy chalets to eco-responsible eco-lodges and tiny houses, a trend has emerged that gives these places a uniquely relaxing atmosphere and unique rest areas: made-to-measure hammock nets. Feelnets is the market leader in the USA and Canada for customised hammock nets for gites, chalets, eco-lodges, lodges and tiny houses.

Customised comfort for unique rest areas

Imagine lying comfortably in a hammock net in the heart of a mountain landscape. This is the exceptional experience that our made-to-measure hammock nets offer our customers. These indoor and outdoor rest areas have quickly become indispensable in gites, chalets and inns.

In a tiny house where every centimetre counts, our hammock nets are the ideal solution for maximising relaxation space. Their exceptional comfort and ability to let light through make them an essential choice for those looking for conviviality and well-being, even in the smallest spaces.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere

Whether you own a lodge in the heart of the forest, a mountain chalet or a seaside cottage, our loft nets help create an unrivalled atmosphere of relaxation. They’re reminiscent of catamaran hammock nets, where you can lie back and watch the sea, adding an air of escape.

Both indoors and outdoors: the hammock net can be used for both.

In chalets, our loft nets can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, they provide an ideal place to chill out, relax and contemplate the surrounding landscape. Indoors, they become cocooning spaces, perfect for snuggling up with a good book or taking a restorative nap.

A complete wellness experience

Imagine spending a day exploring the surrounding nature or enjoying a relaxing spa at your eco-lodge. Afterwards, what could be better than relaxing on a hammock net, reading a book while gazing out the window at the scenery? It’s a complete wellness experience that only our bespoke hammock nets can offer.

Prestigious sites place their trust in us

Prestigious establishments such as Domaine Ouréa-Ecolodge & Spa in the heart of the Vosges, Les gites de Kerdoel in Finistère, Les chalets d’Elena nestling in the Parc des Écrins, Chalet Pinacea and Les chalets nomades, which offer cosy tiny houses for getaways, have called on our expertise to create unique rest areas for their customers.

In short, our bespoke hammock nets have become a must for accommodation that aspires to offer an exceptional stay experience. Combining comfort, versatility and a touch of escapism, they create unforgettable relaxation areas for your guests.

At Feelnets, we’re proud to be the undisputed leaders in custom hammock nets in North America and Canada, and we’re ready to make your accommodation a dream come true for all your visitors.

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