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Feelnets the specialist in custom made nets for hotels

Customised interior netting

Create new spaces with Feelnets, the creator of custom-made nets.
A mezzanine, a hopper or an empty space that could be transformed into a beautiful and atypical space.
This new space is made up of a stretched net, to be functional for several people (children’s playroom for example); and pleasant to rest alone or to create a reading corner.

Outdoor nets for hotels

Over a lake, a lagoon, the sea, in the trees, on a terrace… Feelnets makes all your nets to measure.
Our materials are UV treated and designed for intensive use in exotic environments. We use the same materials to equip catamarans around the world.
Thanks to our various partners in the nautical and hotel industry, our nets are tested all over the world. This experience requires a constant improvement of our products according to the environment.

Which framework for the installation of a custom-made net?

For both indoor and outdoor use, hotel living netting must be fixed all around.
The framework must be hard and resistant (DO NOT INSTALL THE NET ON SURFACES LIKE PLACO).
You can choose a metal, wooden or concrete structure. Many of our partners are available to install wood or metal frames.

You can find our made-to-measure outdoor nets at the Hotel Stamm in Austria, or at the Conrad in Bora-Bora.

Hotels already equipped with house nets

Many of you already have a space with a net. Feelnets is also your partner for the replacement and supply of your new nets.
We offer you a wide choice of materials and ropes adapted to your locations. Feelnets is already a supplier to many hotels around the world and will be able to advise and assist you.
From sunbeds over lagoons to hotels in Polynesia or the Maldives, custom-made nets are exposed to harsh climatic conditions. Over the years, Feelnets has improved the quality and construction of the nets to ensure that they are always comfortable and enjoyable.

Materials suitable for the sea, forest or other environments

Polyester or polyamide are two materials that will suit your installation well.
Our nets are available without knots for lying down, resting, or offering a reading corner. Very pleasant and comfortable, the mesh offers a resistance of over 200kg/m².
In polyester, we offer 30x30mm or 13x13mm braided mesh.
The perimeter of the nets is finished with a 10mm rope.
You can choose between grey, black, white or beige for the 30x30mm mesh and white and black for the 13x13mm mesh.
You can also opt for PVC Mesh (Serge Ferrari material) nets.
We offer PVC492, PVC392 and PVC362. The numbers correspond to the mesh opening. The smaller the number, the tighter the mesh.
The edges are welded and sewn.
Optional: either eyelets every 150mm all around, or sleeves for the passage of a rope (which we recommend for large nets).

Customised net components

Feelnets manufactures and offers the complete kit for the installation of nets for hotels.
The kit includes the custom-made net, the tensioning rope and all the necessary fasteners for the surfaces to be covered.
The tensioning rope is the link between the fasteners and the net, it is the rope that puts the tension on the whole surface.
It is available in different diameters, 10-8 or 6mm and in different colours (red, blue, black, white, grey, beige, yellow…).
There are two ways to attach the rope, either with the piton (8*80mm or 12x120mm) or with the bridge on a plate (with 4.5*50 or 4.5*70 or 5*80mm screws).
The quantity of rope and the number of fixings will be automatically calculated in the quote.

Why choose Feelnets?

Experience and the pleasure of innovation are the strengths of our products.
Feelnets is present in many countries around the world, thanks to its partners. This presence allows us to test our nets every day in all conditions.
A team of professionals at your side from the moment you contact us until after installation.
The assurance of equipping your hotel with quality, custom-made products.
Delivery of Feelnets products anywhere in the world.


Feel Safe, Feelnets

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