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Nautitech is a French shipyard that is a must for all boat lovers.
One of the largest shipyards, especially for catamarans, Nautitech is the first to have made a saloon and a cockpit on the same level to create a real open space.

Where to find or rent Nautitech catamarans?

There are many charter companies in the world that offer Nautitech catamarans for charter.
They can be found in the Mediterranean basin, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.
The Dream yacht charter company or the Sunsail company have and have had in their fleet the famous Nautitech 82. Catamarans specially designed for day trips or cabin rentals.
Nautitech, like its colleagues, has been able to offer a wide range of catamarans, from 39 feet to 54 feet, and is a shipyard that renews and offers catamarans that are even more adapted to the demand.
Feelnets is a partner and supplier to the world’s largest boat rental companies and makes the second-hand nets for all Nautitech boats worldwide.

Feelnets makes nets for older models ?

Nautitech has been building catamarans of various sizes for many years.
Some of the older models such as the Nautitech 395, Nautitech 441, Nauititech 442 and Nautitech 495 are still sailing, so Feelnets has all the plans to make and replace the nets for both new and older models.

Which net to choose ?

As a rule, owners of Nautitechs from 39 to 47 feet ask for and equip their catamarans with 30x30mm or 13x13mm mesh.
This is also the mesh we use for catamaran rental. This is also the material we recommend for deckchairs.
Large boats like the 75 and 82 footers replace trampolines with Serge Ferrari’s PVC mesh492.
This material is extremely resistant, the edges are welded and sewn to obtain a greater resistance in time.
The trampolines are available with either the option of eyelets all around the trampoline every 150mm.
Or the option with a sleeve and a rod. This is recommended for 82 footers or other large catamarans.

Feelnets Service

For boat owners or charterers, Feelnets has a network of partners around the world who can receive your net if you cannot be there to receive it.
Our partner will receive your net and you can pick it up at their offices whenever you want.
Your quote in less than 3 hours, worldwide delivery, many models in stock such as the Nautitech 40, Nautitech 395 and others.
Feelnets is one of the world’s leading multihull net replacements.
Also supplier for many boatyards like HHcatamaran, Island Spirit, Corthinx…

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