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Whether it is for decorative purposes or interior design needs, mezzanine nets are becoming increasingly popular in French homes (and in many other countries).

The “basic” elements of your mezzanine nets

Before considering the cost of your mezzanine floor, it is important to check that the supplier you have chosen offers the necessary services.

The quality of the material of the house net

The mezzanine net is designed to carry the weight of several people (usually up to 5 adults, depending on the surface). It is therefore absolutely necessary to ensure the high quality of the loft net. At Feelnets, our mezzanine nets are very strong and can withstand more than 200 kg / m²

As for the material chosen for your house net, polyester (as with Feelnets house nets) is certainly the best choice as it is the most resistant to time and different uses.

The comfort of your loft net

A mezzanine living net should remain comfortable over time. It should not fray or cut the skin when walked on. By choosing polyester for our mezzanine nets, in braided mesh (therefore without knots), Feelnets ensures optimal comfort.

For your mezzanine nets to be installed over a void (as for example for the fitting out of your attic with a mezzanine net, as explained in this article), we propose 30x30mm meshes, which allow light to pass through or 13x13mm meshes for less open meshes but more comfortable for children.

The importance of the strength of fixings and ropes

Another element of the utmost importance is the fastenings and ropes of your house net. Because even if it is strong and comfortable, it still has to fit perfectly on the frame you have chosen to transform it into a house net.

In order to tighten your living net, you must choose the strongest fasteners, such as our galvanised steel hooks or our bridges on a plate. When it comes to rope for house nets, multi-strand polyester is again an excellent choice.

How do you determine the right price for your mezzanine nets?

Once you have ascertained the quality of the materials offered by your mezzanine living net supplier, it is also important to ask yourself the question of price. The right price is always the one you can afford.

Do not hesitate to make a comparison with other suppliers of living nets for the same materials, services, ropes and fixings. Depending on the number of bridges required, the cost and delivery time, the quality of the products offered and the price per square metre, you will then be able to make the choice that seems most appropriate to create the perfect custom-made mezzanine living net for your home. Please note that a custom-made living net is a high-quality product, so its price is inevitably higher than a standardised mezzanine net with imposed dimensions.

Some price ideas for our house nets:

Net in a wooden frame with optional 8*80mm piton

Size of the space to be filled 2500 x 2000 mm

30x30mm white mesh

65 x 8*80mm pegs (one peg every 150mm)

23 metres of 10mm white tension rope (single lacing)

A total of 373.70 € excl VAT

Total is 74.74 € excl VAT/m².


Net in a wooden frame with bridges on a plate with 4.5*50mm screws (black net with red rope)

Size of the space to be filled 2000 x 1800 mm

30x30mm black mesh

55 x bridges with 4.5*50mm screws (one bridge every 150mm)

38 meters of 10mm red tension rope (double lacing)

That is to say a total of 462.30 € excl VAT

Total is 100.50 excl VAT/m².

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