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Your house is the most important element  in your life and therefore you want it to look it’s best. If there’s a renovation you’ve been wanting to do for a while but can’t perhaps afford, or if there’s a space in a room you don’t quite know what to do with, it’s time you considered a custom housing net to fill that space. The ideal solution for any home, it can instantly elevate any room and add value on – something that’s great if you want a quick fix as you’re looking to sell. Here we look into just what a housing net is, a trendy DIY home improvement, and why it’s such a great solution and what it can do to your home. 

DIY Home Improvement: what is a housing net? 

Put simply, a housing net such as those from. Feelnet – also known as a hammock floor is a net that’s stretched into a frame to go over a designated space in your home. If you’ve ever been on or seen a catamaran boat, the concept is essentially the same as this.

What are some ways you can use a housing net? 

There are many ways you can use a housing net depending on your home, the space you have and what you’re looking for. It’s a fantastic DIY trick to totally transform a bit of dead space into something usable. 

Add a touch of quirk to a two storey home

If you have a two storey home and are looking for a quirky way to open up the space and make it more interesting, a floor hammock is the ideal way to do so. There are many potential places you could add it – from the hallway to above the stairs or in your children’s playroom. Not only will it brighten up the home but it will also give the illusion of it being much larger too. 

Add light to your living space

Some living rooms are often limited with the light that can get in, making them a darker space that feels very separated from the rest of the house. If you want to elevate this without forking out thousands for a custom glass floor panel, our house hammocks are an ideal solution. Not only will this allow light to fill the living room but it also brings a great design feature to your home. Add some cushions and blankets and you have a perfect additional seating area for the whole family and guests to enjoy too!  

Spruce up your attic space 

Often, your attic is a dark, dingy and unused space that feels very disconnected to the rest of the home. By adding a housing net here you make it a beautiful space to relax as well as allowing it to flow effortlessly into the other floor below it. It’s a great way to extend the rooms you have and have more useable areas that you can make the most of. 

Other ways you can use this sort of net for your home DIY projects includes to add space to a single storey apartment and to create a beautiful reading spot. If you’re looking to add a net to your home, get in touch for a free no obligation quote. We can help you to transform your house in no time at all. 


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